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A collection of stories from our urban homestead in Portland Oregon.  


Our Community Garden Stories

Community Network

Community Network Connect with local, regional, and national community networks that share resources and ideas relevant to urban homesteading.  These organizations and communities come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.  With this in mind, think about where you might...

What is Urban Homesteading

What is Urban Homesteading Urban homesteading has multiple meanings.  For our purposes, we are referring to the urban homestead in the self-sufficiency sense and not the affordable housing definition with the intent on getting people in cities housed.   Overview While...

Gardening without Land Access

Gardening without Land Access Gardening without land is very doable.  With this in mind, patios and balcony's are great places to garden.   Specifically residing in a condo or apartments does not mean you can not have a viable garden space.  Using containers for...

brussel sprouts and carrots from community garden

Harvesting Brussel Sprouts & Carrots

A quick trip to the community garden on Thanksgiving morninig to harvest brussel sprouts and carrots for our dinner later today.