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A collection of stories from our urban homestead in Portland Oregon.  


Our Community Garden Stories

High Arch Wheel Hoe

High Arch Wheel Hoe

High Arch Wheel Hoe for Hilling Corn and Potatoes Cultivating the soil with a high arch wheel hoe for growing corn and potatoes is a delight.  Gardeners and small-scale farmers using hand tools love this style of wheel hoe.  It excels at weeding and cultivating early...

Starting Plants from Seed

Starting a Garden from Seed Starting plants from seed is the most economical way to grow a garden.  Buying plants from a nursery that are ready to be directly planted into your garden beds may save time or be good for a first-time gardener.  However, if the goal is to...

brussel sprouts and carrots from community garden

Harvesting Brussel Sprouts & Carrots

A quick trip to the community garden on Thanksgiving morninig to harvest brussel sprouts and carrots for our dinner later today.