What is a Garden Hoe with Wheels?

The traditional garden hoe or even the specialized hula hoe are staples in any garden shed.  However, the garden hoe with wheels allows the gardener to cover large rows and quickly cultivate garden beds.  The best wheel hoe for your homestead will depend on the garden beds you have and the types of crops you are growing in rows.

What do you use a Garden Hoe with Wheels for in the garden?

The wheel makes pushing the tool through the garden easy while the blade cultivates the soil.  Every serious backyard gardener that plants a garden with in-ground garden beds should have a wheel hoe in the garden tool shed.

  • Hoeing between rows.  The wheel excels in keeping the rows between your garden beds clean of weeds.  The traditional 30-inch garden beds that most urban gardeners are growing in means that you have a lot of paths to keep free of weeds.  Walking the wheel down occasionally keeps them weeded and the soil aerated.
  • Weeding.  The primary purpose for using a garden hoe with wheels is to improve garden weeding.  The blade chops weeds right at the surface of the soil without disrupting the roots from your crops.  A properly tuned garden wheel hoe can weed both the rows in between crops and along the edges of garden beds.
  • Furrowing rows for planting.  The blade of the wheel hoe can be used to create a furrow.  As a result, this small trench in the garden bed is then seeded or planted with transplants and covered back over for quick planting of new crops.
  • Cultivating the soil.  Urban homesteaders use a garden hoe with wheels to break up the soil aerate the ground and break up heavy clumps of clay and soil.  The cultivation of rows in the garden improves soil health and encourages plant growth.

a weeding and cultivating tool for gardens

Features of a Wheel Hoe

The wheel hoe consists of a few simple parts that result in a super powerful hand-powered garden tool.

The handles made of solid hardwood fit the hands comfortably for gripping and pushing the tool through the soil.

The wheel which may be single or a double wheel hoe variation allows the tool to easily glide through the soil.

The attachment whether cultivator tines, plow, or furrowed allow the gardener to weed, cultivate, and prepare beds for planting.  The ability to swap out attachments is critical.  Avoid single style tools that do not provide the flexibility to utilize multiple tools or convert the wheel hoe into a seeder.

Look for a lightweight, yet seriously durable tool so that what you buy will last for a lifetime of gardening.

a small farm using hand tools like a wheel hoe

Benefits of using a Wheel Hoe in the Garden

A garden hoe with a wheel is helpful for gardeners seeking to maximize their time in the field.  Weeding, hoeing, cultivating, and creating furrows for planting are time consuming chores when done with less efficient hand tools.  The main benefit of the wheel hoe is its ability to speed up this task.

6 Key Wheel Hoe Benefits

  1. Less Physical Labor
  2. The Efficiency of Gardener Time
  3. Precision Weeding and Cultivation
  4. Minimal Soil Disruption at the Root Level
  5. Durable Hand Tool
  6. Versatile Tool for Key Garden Tasks

Wheel hoe’s give solo gardeners the capability of covering a large amount of ground and completing several important tasks without tremendous physical labor

Using a garden wheel hoe is efficient for small-scale gardeners that do not want to incorporate gas-powered tools into their routine.

The Wheel hoe works precisely down the garden rows and weeds and cultivates without causing harm to plants or roots.

These hand tools are super durable and made from steel and hardwood.  This is a versatile garden tool built to last a lifetime.

weed, cultivate, furrow with hand tools

Wheel Hoes with Extra Attachments

The standard wheel hoe is designed for weeding but this comes in many different forms.

The most popular attachments for these hand powered tools include

  • Plows
  • Cultivator Tines
  • Seeders
  • Furrowers

These attachments allow the gardener to use the same base and wheel and swap out the implement on the tool to gain functionality.  Another modification to a hoe is adjusting the length of the handles.  Tall and short individuals sometimes benefit from a more height appropriate set of handles than the version that comes standard out of the box.  Therefore, consider how the tool is working for you and add an attachment to get the most out of the tool versus buying a completely new tool or upgrading the handles to get a perfect ergonomic fit.