I tried a couple of different grafts of European pears to the quince trees in the backyard food forest and had limited success. This graft took though and I think will work out well even though it is a little ugly, the branch is growing well. I am going to try and graft a whole bunch more pears in the coming years on our quince trees as we don’t really like these trees so much, but they provide good shade in our little grass patch where the little one plays so we don’t want to remove them outright and be stuck with regrowing new trees in their place.

1 of 4 fruit tree grafts is not a great success rate, but I will do a bunch more next year and hope to get several more grafts to stick. The variety that I got to actually successfully take onto a quince was “orcas” not sure if some are better for grafting to quince than others. One of the best parts about cultivating an urban homestead food forest is the ability to add grafts to trees. Grafting is a wonderful way to add both different fruit to existing trees and other varieties to extend the harvest season and increase fruit diversity.