Thriving Container Gardening with Root Pouch Grow Bags

Grow a thriving container garden using grow bags from Root Pouch.  These specialized garden containers are designed for optimal plant growth.  Made from recycled materials that are BPA free and non-toxic.  These are the best family-friendly containers for growing vegetables at home.  Nothing else compares, here’s why you should consider a grow bag instead of a typical plastic or ceramic pot for your growing needs.

container garden root pouch

What is a Root Pouch

The root pouch grow bag is a game changer for container gardening.  This container is very versatile coming in several common sizes for growing plants and vegetables.  Made from an eco-friendly material, the root pouch is the solution for conscientious container gardeners.

Root pouches are different from other containers for growing as they are made from a piece of fabric.  This fabric allows the roots to be air pruned versus slowly compacting against the walls of the containers ending up in a spiraling circle.  Air-pruned roots keep them healthier than the alternative.

Overview of Root Pouch Benefits

A quick overview of the benefits of root pouch grow bags includes:

  • Encourages Healthy Root Growth and Development
  • Improved Drainage
  • Soil Temperature Regulation
  • Easy to Move Pots Around Garden
  • Limited Transplant Shock When Upsizing Pots
  • Sustainable Material
  • Diverse Use Cases
  • Reusable for Multiple Seasons

Why Root Pouch are Better than Other Containers

Let’s dive into the weeds and understand the details of why these bags outgrow traditional container gardens.

Encourage Root Growth

The natural fiber of the container encourages air pruning of the roots as the roots push against the sides of the pot.  Air pruning results in the growth of dense and fibrous roots that maximize the space of the pot.  A typical container is so hard and doesn’t allow the passage of air which leads the roots to circling down in a spiral following the shape of the container.  This results in root-bound crops with stunted growth, less fruit development, and overall unhealthy.

Improved Water Drainage

Overwatering in traditional pots causes plant problems.  Container gardens that do not provide plants with adequate drainage result in wet roots.  These wet roots create environments that allow disease and mildew to thrive limiting the growth of the plant and in some cases outright killing the plant.  The root pouch fabric is designed for maximum drainage and air flow to the roots to encourage their healthy development.

Soil Temperature Regulation

One of the downsides of container gardening is the fact the roots are not insulated by the ground.  This can cause wild temperature swings in the root layer, which is unhealthy for the plant development.  The fabric provides both insulating qualities to keep plants warmer during the winter and yet the fabric allows for the exchange of air to moderate temperatures in the warm weather.

Easy to Move

Each grow bag has two handles on either side for easily lifting.  The container itself is lightweight unlike some ceramic garden pots that can weigh significant amounts.  This means you only need to move the plant and the soil.  Time your garden moves prior to watering and you can avoid moving a heavy grow bag full of water.

Limit Transplant Shock

If transplanting the plant into the ground soil you can plant the entire bag.  The plant and bag can be placed into the soil to avoid any disturbance to the roots.  We have always removed the plants from the bag prior to transplanting and have had no issues with transplant shock.  Removing the plant also means you get to reuse your grow bag which is important to us from a sustainability perspective.

Sustainable Materials

The fabric is made from recycled materials and built to last for several growing seasons. The pot if left in the ground is not going to cause problems for plants nearby and will not limit the growth of roots of the plant.  They are made from BPA free materials and free of toxins.

Diverse Use Case

Container gardens are used by so many gardeners of all shapes and sizes.   Whether you are just planning a small balcony garden with a few herbs and maybe a tomato plant or something much larger.  Indoor growers with hundreds of plants, industrial grow lights, and ventilation systems also benefit from using pouch’s for their gardens.  Individuals with hydroponic grows can simply fill the grow bag with soil medium.  Then place the whole thing in their hydroponic system.

Reusable Grow Bags

After the end of the growing season empty the bags into a compost pile and place them in your garden shed. These pots fold up and stack easily allowing you to store dozens and even hundreds of bags in a small area. It is very possible to get multiple years of growing out of a single pouch.  If you make sure to take care of the bag during the off-season they can be refilled and planted with transplants or seeds the following spring.  The fabric is UV resistant meaning the bags can be exposed to the elements and not quickly degrade from exposure to the sun.

fabric grow bag

Container Gardening in Bags

Choosing to container garden is the right choice for many urban gardeners.  These pouches work for individuals with a small balcony patio-style garden with a few herbs and vegetables.  Alternatively, they are the grow bag of choice for individuals with large indoor growing operations.  Managing hundreds of large plastic containers requires a lot of storage space for storing the pots in between grows.  On the other hand, the pouches fold up easily and can be stacked in storage until they are needed again.

Growing garden vegetables in bags that are easy to move around are nice for backyard gardeners.  Move the plants around to the location with the most sun depending on the time of year.

Plants grown in fabric pouches will be healthy with well-developed roots.  Compared to plants grown in plastic or ceramic containers, the difference is noticeable. Potatoes are a popular container gardening crop.  Select a larger-size grow bag and toss in a few seed taters and fill the bag with soil and watch the magic happen.  This is a great opportunity for new growers and young kids to experience growing some food.

Root Pouch Grow Bag Sizes

The special garden grow bags come in all of the most popular sizes for growing vegetables and even fruit shrubs and trees.  The most popular sizes include 1 gallon, 3 gallon, 5 gallon, 15 gallon, and 45 gallons.  This style of grow pouch outshines nursery pots in large sizes.  There is actually a root pouch with a 100-gallon capacity.  The largest options are perfect for growing a large plant with huge sets of flowers to maturity.

Want to grow citrus fruit trees and bring them inside during the winter?  Grow bags are the perfect option.  The 45-gallon bag provides a large amount of space for healthy root development and yet is still manageable to move when you have a couple of friends stop by.  The super-size grow bags are perfect for regular fruit trees or planting berries like blueberries.

If the soil on your homestead has serious issues then growing in bags is the best option.  Select the size necessary for the crops you want to grow to thrive.

Can you grow trees in Pouch?

Of course, you can grow trees in a grow bag.  The larger sizes work perfectly for growing big shrubs and even trees.  I would pick a root size that will keep the tree small such as a dwarf rootstock, but they will absolutely thrive in a pouch.  Trees like lemons, limes, and other citrus are trees that grow well as small trees and are perfect for fabric containers.

We stick young fruit trees like paw paws in grow bags under the shaded parts of our food forest during their early growth stage before planting them in their forever home.  Nestling trees, shrubs, veggies, and flowers into empty spaces in your garden is easy when using grow bags for containers.

Materials for Root Pouch

These fabric grow bags are made to encourage drainage and healthy root development through air pruning.  They are made from 100% recycled materials.  The fabric is UV resistant to aid in long term lifespan despite being outside in the harsh sun conditions.  Made from BPA free materials and non-toxic.  You can feel confident to grow vegetables in these containers and have no concerns about putting the food you harvest on the table for your friends and family.