Double Wheel Hoe for Backyard Gardeners

The best wheel hoe on the market is made by Hoss tools.  Whether you go with a single wheel, double wheel, or a high arch wheel hoe, all backyard gardeners planting directly into the ground will benefit from having one of these hand-powered tools in their shed.  The double wheel hoe delivers power and precision when it comes to weeding, cultivating, hilling, and prepping garden beds for growing all vegetables.

Benefits of a Double Wheel Hoe

  • Wheel hoes are ergonomically designed with the backyard gardener in mind.  Many gardening tools require the individual to be bent over, kneeling on the ground or in awkward positions.  The wheel hoe keeps the user standing in an upright position that is comfortable to maintain for long periods of time.
  • Wheel hoes make weeding simple.  The double-wheel hoe has all the power needed to push through tough ground and eliminate the weeds in your garden beds.  The weeds get cut right at the ground level without interfering with the shallow, delicate roots of vegetable crops.
  • Bed Prep for Planting. A wheel hoe excels at preparing rows for planting.  Using the cultivator teeth the soil in the garden beds gets loosened for seeding direct into the soil.
  • Create furrows. Using the plow blade for the double wheel hoe to make furrows to plant your transplants is simple.  A single pass down the garden bed creates a furrow deep enough to lay in transplants.  This makes planting lettuce, spinach, broccoli, and kale a breeze.  From the greenhouse directly into the furrows and cover as you go.
  • Increase soil fertility.  Unlike traditional tilling, the use of a wheel hoe is considered an acceptable implement for no-till gardening since the soil is only lightly cultivated.  This keeps the soil microorganisms healthy and thriving.  Ultimately, the backyard gardener improves the amount of organic matter that is built up in the soil.  This is contrary to traditional machine-powered gardening with a rototiller that actually reduces the amount of total organic matter in the soil over time.
  • Hand powered.  Hand-powered tools are the best choice for backyard gardeners and small-scale market gardeners.  This means no gas bill, no expensive maintenance bills and no random breakdowns stopping you in your tracks until a machine can be serviced.

wheel hoe weeded garden bed

Double Wheel Hoe Vs. High Arch Wheel Hoe

The double wheel hoe excels at weeding, cultivating, plowing, creating furrows, and prepping garden beds for seeding or transplanting.  However, where the high arch wheel hoe offers an advantage is in hilling crops such as corn and potatoes.  Pushing the hoe directly down the row over the crops is what the high arch is designed for.  This improves the ability to weed later into the growing season slightly more efficiently than the regular version.  Depending on how many rows of corn and potatoes you grow the high arch could be an important tool in your garden shed.

Best Double Wheel Hoe

The best wheel hoe on the market is made by hoss tools.  Strong and sturdy with wooden handles and quality components.  This tool is built for market gardening and excels for the urban homesteader growing in their backyard.  As a result, you will find one sitting in the shed of many competent gardeners, but not find them available on craigslist or facebook marketplace.  They are so valuable to the home gardener, people don’t let them go.

Attachments to Consider

This tool is versatile.  There are several different attachments that enhance its capabilities.

The most popular double wheel hoe attachments include:

  • Oscillating How
  • Plow Set
  • Sweeps
  • Disk Harrow
  • Cultivator Teeth
  • Winged Sweeps
  • Right Plow
  • Drip Tape Layer
  • Dibble Wheel
  • Left Plow


Backyard gardeners with several long garden beds need a tool to weed and cultivate garden beds with ease.  Consequently, that is exactly what the single and double wheel hoe do.  No more bending over and pulling weeds for hours.  Keep garden beds fluffy and prepped with the cultivator teeth.  Make furrows and simplify the planting season.  Keep vegetables hilled to encourage root growth.