Urban Homesteading Recommendation: Best Wheel Hoe

The garden wheel hoe is perfect for cultivating, weeding, making furrows, and chilling vegetable beds.  The wheel reduces the amount of energy that is required to get all of these tasks done with traditional hand-powered garden tools.  Push and pull the wheel through your in-ground garden beds with ease. 

The following are the best wheel hoes on the market.  No more bending over or struggling to push and pull a hula hoe through the tough ground to weed your vegetable garden on your urban homestead or market garden.

Best Single Wheel Hoe

The Hoss Single Wheel Hoe is by far the most superior garden wheel hoe on the market.  Based on the classic design used for centuries by hand-powered farmers, it is built with high-end components.  This is the kind of well-made tool that will be found in your garden by your grandkids and used in the next season for their garden.  The Hoss Single Wheel Garden Hoe is built to last a lifetime and keep on hoeing.

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Single Wheel Hoe from Hoss Tools Features

  • Frame made of powder-coated steel
  • 15-inch wheel
  • Wood handles, Amish crafted, adjustable to fit your body
  • 1/4″ steel tool bar for adding attachments
  • Includes 3 cultivator teeth
  • Designed to work with popular attachments including sweeps and oscillating hoes for weeding, plow for furrows and chilling corn and potatoes, a disk harrow for additional cultivation

This Single Wheel Hoe hoe does everything you would expect in a wheel hoe.  Cultivating growing vegetable beds requires precision to avoid damaging the crops or the delicate roots.  These Hoss Tools run true and straight keeping you on the path alongside the crops.  Weeding is a major pain for most gardeners.  This wheel hoe takes an arduous task and makes it a breeze and a joy to do.

Hoss does offer an upgrade of their success kit.  This kit includes oiled linseed oil for conditioning and protecting the wooden handles, a 9/16″ wrench for swapping out attachments, a farmers file for keeping attachments sharp and a sanding block for polishing rough spots that develop through use.  This upgrade includes the essential items to keep your tool running well and maintained.  I would highly recommend getting the set when you buy the tool so that you can protect the handle out the gate and have what you need to keep the implements sharp.  If you already have these essential items in your garage then it could be a pass as they are common accessories for maintaining all kinds of hand powered tools.

Best Double Wheel Hoe

Hoss Tools owns both spots in our product recommendations because whether you want a single wheel hoe or a double or even the more specialized high arch wheel design Hoss Tools is the best of breed when it comes to wheeled garden tools.  The double comes with the same high end wooden handles hand crafted and adjustable to fit your height.  The wider design is perfect for gardeners and urban farmers that need to cover more ground with each pass of the wheel hoe.  While the single wheel model comes with 3 cultivator teeth the double comes equipped with 4.

All the best qualities of Hoss Tools while covering more ground.

Runner Ups

Varomous High Wheel Cultivator

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A well-made tool, the Varomous high wheel cultivator offers smooth operation in the garden.  Weed in a backward and forward motion this tool provides stability and balance while working the soil.  Get a consistent cultivation of the soil without damaging the roots in the ground of your cash crops.

This tool is made of alloy steel throughout with heavy construction for long-lasting use. As a result, it should be able to work all day in the field without failing from regular wear and tear.  The ergonomic handles are designed for regular long-term use of pushing and pulling through the soil.

When in use this tool will cover approximately 9 inches of ground with the hoe.

Insights from the field

The triangle component unfortunately does not make furrows that are deep enough for most planting needs.  This tool also does not come with plows that can be used for chilling crops like corn and potatoes. However, it is designed as an effective weeder and soil cultivator which it does accomplish well.

There is a collection of attachments that can be added including the Varomorus SMK2-5 seeder.  Cultivate the garden beds, swap out attachments and run it back through to plant your crops for the season.

Ketofa Manual Double Wheel Hoe

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This manual hand tiller garden stool is made of alloy steel.  The wheel is 15.7 inches and made of steel.  Offers both a double wheel and a single wheel configuration.  Includes multiple tools to accomplish all the gardening tasks you would expect in a hoe.  Weeding, trenching, cultivating and chilling can be accomplished with this single device.

Earthway 6500 High Wheel Hoe

garden wheel hoe

The Earthway 6500 High Wheel Hoe is one of the more unique takes on this classic genre of man powered garden hoes.  This tool has a much taller wheel than the other tools that we have put our hands on.

  • Alloy steel construction with heavy duty one inch tubular steel frame
  • Indcludes 3 implements to prepare the seedbed, cultivate soil and breakdown clumps, create holls for row crops, and make furrows for drainage and planting.
  • 24 inch steel wheel with a 3 position handle
  • Adjustable depth for versatile soil cultivation

Videos Showing Wheels Hoe at Work

The Hoss Tools Wheel Hoes are the brand we have selected as the premium quality tools in the category.  Here’s a videos directly from the source that covers everything you want to know about this tool and why they have earned our number one spot as the most exceptional wheel hoe on the market.

Learn all about Hoss Tool wheel hoes on the market direct from their awesome team.