How to Keep Garden Watered While on Vacation, Build Systems

Have a thriving garden in your backyard, but want to go away during the heat of the summer?  When considering how to keep garden watered while on vacation consider building a irrigation system.  Of course, friends and family members can stop by and water.  But will they water deep and long enough and remember to get all your plants?

A well-designed garden irrigation kit can be deployed over a weekend and keep your garden well-watered for years to come whether you are at home or away on vacation.

garden irrigation kit

Install an Irrigation System and Timer

When going on vacation it is important to have a garden irrigation kit and a drip timer.  Depending on the model of timer you choose you can set the watering to occur at a set time or multiple times per day.  Large gardens and backyard orchards can program zones for garden watering while on vacation.

These systems work well for both in ground garden beds and wood border raised beds.

Friends or Neighbors Water Your Garden

Having friends and neighbors to take care of the watering while you are away is the easiest solution.  Depending on how long you are gone they may only need to come and water the plants while you are away.   Even if you have backyard garden irrigation installed having someone come and look at the garden to make sure everything is functioning is a good idea.

Garden Irrigation for Watering While Away

A quality irrigation kit with all the necessary components.  You can put together all the necessary parts by going to your local hardware store.  However, the first time setting up garden irrigation, I highly recommend going with a kit to have the necessary parts to make a basic system.

Every backyard garden design is different.  Use a measuring tape to measure the length of garden rows and count them.  Check out the spaces in between beds and draw up a rough design for the irrigation layout.  Make sure you have enough couplings for the amount of garden you need to set up irrigation.

Watering fruit trees in a food forest is best done with an irrigation drip system.  Fruit trees and bushes require long soaks that allow the water to be carried deep into the soil.  Connect a zone on your irrigation system to include a loop through all of your fruit trees.

The 8 Mil Drip Tape Irrigation Kit from Hoss Tools

This kit has all the components to install a vegetable garden watering system.  You will need a drip timer on your exterior garden hose faucet.

The Hoss 8 Mil Drip Tape Watering system includes:

1 – 1500 ft. Drip Tape Roll – 8 mil thickness lasts for several growing cycles. Emitters every 12″.

1 – 100 ft. Mainline Tubing Roll – Hoss 5/8″ Mainline Tubing runs along the border of your garden and feeds water into individual Drip Tape lines.

1 – Filter Regulator Combo – Includes 3/4″ Hose Swivel, Filter with removable screen, 12 PSI Pressure Regulator, and Hose Swivel with Screen that connects to Mainline Tubing.

1 – Hole Punch – Used for punching holes in Mainline Tubing for attaching Drip Tape Row Starts.

1 – Mainline Tee – Used for splitting Mainline Tubing into two separate lines.

2 – Figure 8 End Clamps – Used to clamp and stop flow at the end of a section of Mainline Tubing.

2 – Mainline Couplings – Used to create a linear connection between two pieces of Mainline Tubing. Handy when repairing a cut in Mainline Tubing or when piecing two scrap sections to create a longer section.

20 – Drip Tape Row Starts – Used at the beginning of each row to connect Drip Tape to Mainline Tubing.

20 – Drip Tape Row Ends – Used to clamp and stop flow at the end of a row of Drip Tape.

4 – Drip Tape Couplings – Used to connect two pieces of Drip Tape. Handy for repairing nicks or cuts in a section of Drip Tape.

10 – Goof Plugs – Used to plug holes in Mainline Tubing where Drip Tape Row Starts where installed. Handy when changing row spacing from spring to fall gardens.

Garden Watering Game Changer

Everything you need to go from zero to one hundred in a weekend.  Be ready to water your garden while you are on vacation or to streamline the tasks you need to do in the garden.  With this kit you will no longer be watering every single vegetable by hand multiple times per week.

How to keep garden watered while on vacation

Garden Watering Aid

A garden irrigation timer is a significant garden watering aid to manage water timings, length, and frequency.  The drip tape irrigation kit allows you to customize the layout that fits your backyard garden.  Every garden is unique and one design doesn’t work for all gardens.  The perfect watering aids fit the need of the layout of your garden and the types of plants you are tending.

When you are done laying out and putting together all the pieces.  It is smart to store the excess parts in your garden tool shed.  Adding extensions to existing irrigation lines makes increasing the range of the irrigation if you add crops later in the season.

Come Home from Vacation with Plants Thriving

When you leave for vacation you want to come home to a thriving garden.  Those tomatoes on the vine in the late summer get the chance to ripen up while you are away.  Install an automated watering system so that when you get home from vacation you are filling the fridge with harvest-ready veggies instead of frantically trying to water and save withering plants.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.  The 8 Mil drip watering kit from Hoss Tools means healthy plants when you get home.