Simple A Frame Duck Coop Plans

A Frame Duck Coop Plans are simple!  Two pieces of plywood.  A few 2×4 pieces of lumber for support and exterior deck screws to assemble it together.  Look at the pictures below and get to building.  This is the simplest way to provide your flock protection from the weather and give them a safe place to sleep if you have an enclosed run to place the A-frame coop inside.

DIY Duck Coop Plans

Using A Frame Duck Coop Plans to create the perfect home for your flock.  Ducks are simple creatures.  Therefore, simple duck houses work well for them.  The A Frame is the simplest of structures for a ducks home.  Stop being concerned with how to build a duck coop that will look perfect for Instagram.  Ultimately, you can save a lot of cash and make an A frame coop from scrap materials that meet the needs of your flock.

A-Frame Duck House Plans

A Frame Duck Coop Supplies

  • One or two sheets of plywood
    • Use one sheet cut in half for a small house
    • or 2 sheets for a larger coop.
  • A couple 8 foot 2×4’s for support beams and framing
  • Exterior screws
  • Circular Saw
  • Electric Drill

Building a Perfect A-Frame Coop

DIY duck house

The perfect A-Frame duck coop plans are simple designs that meet the basic requirements of all ducks.  All ducks need is decent shelter from the elements, protection from predators, adequate ventilation, and enough square footage for each duck.  The average duck only needs 4 square feet of floorspace per animal.  Larger breeds like Pekin ducks will appreciate more, but is not necessary.

Unless the climate is super cold below 20 degrees for extended periods of time there is no reason to be concerned with the weather for the ducks.  If the A frame duck house is inside an enclosure it doesn’t even need a locking door.  Add a secure back and front with a door to improve security against predators.

The perfect A frame coop is designed around its simplicity and ability to be cheap.  There are countless duck house ideas out there, but the A frame is by far the easiest to DIY.  Tilt two pieces of plywood together.  Add 2×4 board that the top for strength.  Cut 2x4s to run at the bottom horizontally and 2 pieces for the sides to add rigidity to the a frame and it is done.  You can fancy it up from there and add triangle shaped piece in the back and front with a door, but that is not essential.

Benefits of A Frame Duck Coops

on the water duck coop

  • The biggest benefit of the A-frame duck coop design is the cost.  It is very cheap to build.
  • Easy to clean.  Without front and rear walls cleaning out the floor is simple.
  • Lightweight.  A small and lightweight coop can be moved around the chicken and duck run easily or placed in another part of the yard with ease.
  • Stability.  The triangle structure of an A-frame coop is strong and deflects the winds and is unlikely to tip over during a storm.
  • Meets the essential requirements for a flock of birds.
  • Perfect for an on-the-water coop idea as a temporary day shelter for bids with a pond.

Disadvantages of A Frame Coops

  • The biggest downside for an A frame coop is security
  • These coops tend to be smaller so limit the total number of birds that will feel comfortable sheltering in it at one time.
  • In real nasty weather, rain can enter or the wind blow through bringing down the temperatures significantly.

Wrap It Up

At the end of the day if you have 2 – 5 birds and a full enclosure for a backyard A Frame duck coop is a great way to go.  Provides all the protection your flock needs without investing time and money in building a complicated duck coop.