Chicken run adventure time for the chickens

The chickens have finally been moved out to their coop and today they are getting to spend some time running around the chicken run for a first adventure. They have been contained to their brooder or chicken coop until today. The baby chicks are all grown up, freedom in the chicken run, finally.

It is always a big day to let your backyard chickens or ducks out for their first run around the run or yard. It is important to keep a watchful eye when allowing your birds their first free-ranging adventures. By and large, everything will be ok, but it is a good idea to be around to make sure everyone is safe for that first romp around the yard.  The ground cover for our chicken and duck run is primarily wood chips.  The chickens more than the ducks will kick out some of the straw from their coop into the run.  Using free wood chips for chicken run ground cover is a great way to source material for your chicken run.