Does your ducklings have leg problems? It could be a lack of niacin in their diet. A niacin deficiency is a common problem with ducklings and individuals learning how to raise ducks. This unfortunately can leave ducklings with lifelong problems and even early death when not addressed. However, a duck that receives a niacin supplement quickly can have the issue self-correct and easily resolved.

Today while speaking with a friend on Instagram he shared an issue that pops up for urban homesteaders having backyard poultry for the first time. Ducks require slightly different things than chickens and if not set up correctly from the start can have issues that will last their entire life.

I was shown this video of their duckling which was exhibiting some of the early signs of a niacin deficiency. We discussed some of the popular remedies such as supplemental niacin in pill form diluted in water, brewers yeast added to their feed, and Vitamin B supplements. Before supplementing your duck with niacin, I highly recommend Googling, Niacin, Ducks, Legs. Follow the instructions from other very knowledgeable individuals concerning duck care. Here is an excellent article from Metzer farms concerning Niacin issues and ducks.

This video is only intended to highlight that ducklings experiencing leg problems may be a niacin deficiency. I hope to point duck owners in the right direction for solving this problem. Getting a little extra niacin will not hurt your ducks and many people add it as a supplement to all of their ducklings whether exhibiting problems or not in order to prevent duckling leg issues.