Ducks Eating Slugs for a Snack

The rain has been incredibly persistent this year in the pacific northwest. Therefore, our duck’s favorite bug to eat for a snack, the slug is prevalent in our gardens and flower beds.  Our ducks eat slugs for snacks whenever they can hunt them down. However, our toddler loves to go looking through the food forest to find bugs for his buddies. In this short slow motion video, you can see our Welsh Harlequin ducks eating slugs.  Check out how quick this big fat slug disappears when given as a tasty treat.

More Snacks for Ducks

A fun activity for young children is feeding their backyard chickens or ducks. There are so many healthy and nutritious snacks that can be found in your refrigerator or around the yard to diversify the flocks diet. This juicy slug is one of the countless creepy crawly insects that chickens or ducks will eat around the yard when they are foraging. If you are looking for additional duck snack ideas avoid pieces of bread or cereals and get leafy greens, peas, chopped up cucumber or fruit like watermelon.  Another example, of an excellent snack, is weeds like dandelions or grasses going to seed.  When cleaning up the yard of weeds we drop some off into the duck and chicken run to let them enjoy some fresh greens.

Slow Motion Duck Video