Today, we are going to go over how to use tomato clips to trellis your indeterminate variety of tomatoes on a string. There are other ways to trellis tomatoes and we do those techniques to such as the Florida weave or just simply wrapping the tomato vines around a string. However, the tomato clips have a few advantages especially for growing highly productive indeterminant cherry tomatoes in small spaces.

Our friends and neighbors have always asked us questions about our trellis for tomatoes since we do not use the traditional wire cages that so many gardeners use. The string and clip technique is an excellent method for controlling long-growing indeterminate varieties of tomatoes like sun gold and sweet million cherry tomatoes and Brandywine heirlooms.

The clips have a little clasp at the back that attaches to your string and then snaps together in the front. Find a branch and clip it around to support your growing vines. You will want to make sure and continue to trim all your suckers off when using this method as they will not get supported by the string unless you add another line and clip them in. We find that 3 to 4 clips work to hold up a plant as long as you continue to move the bottom one up as the plant grows.

Make sure to unclip the vines as you add clips and save them for future use. We grow a lot of organic tomatoes and for our cherry tomato crop we like the clips even though they are plastic.