Ladybugs Natural Aphid Killers

I noticed a couple of days ago that there were several aphids around the Artichokes that were popping up. We plant artichokes in many of our fruit tree guilds as the pollinators love them. I could have come through and sprayed them with high-pressure water or other remedies, but with the amount that I saw thought I would just leave it be. The ladybugs found them and they are making quick work of the aphids. They are the best natural remedy for aphids. There are lots of chemicals that will kill aphids, but by using those you don’t get to encourage the populations of insects such as ladybugs that prey on the bad bugs. A few aphids and other undesirables usually result in a healthy population of good insects and this has proven to win out in our food forest garden.

We spray organic pesticides in very limited amounts as a last resort and much prefer to just let nature take its course. Ladybugs are the perfect natural aphid killer and we are happy to have a large population in our gardens.