We put in a short row of 10 cucumbers in our backyard against the garage. This is a small space that we have sectioned off from the rest of the area we allow our ducks to roam and forage. Given that we have used so much of our garden for fruit trees and perennials we fit annuals in where we can. This is common practice when growing a food forest, stick your regular veggies in and around the trees and areas that are not conducive for growing trees like this spot up close to the garage. Last year we grew sauce tomatoes in this area. This year we are planting cucumbers for pickles.

We have a wire that runs the length of the garage and in a future video, we will show how we are planning on trellising the cukes up against the garage. With this in mind our cucumbers will be managed to a single vine. Instead of focusing on big bushy cucumber plants, we want tightly planted and a highly productive row.