Sometimes those personal watermelons just aren’t very good. This one was not ripe at all even though it looked good, it was very light pink and kind of hard in the middle. While the duck girls didn’t annihilate it as fast as a very ripe melon they still enjoyed their melon snack. Ducks love treats and our Welsh Harlequins love watermelons more than anything.

Check out these suggestions for healthy duck snacks to keep your flock quacking and laying eggs.

In case you are still wondering can ducklings eat watermelon?  Absolutely!  They love it.  When feeding watermelon to ducklings it is recommended to cut the melon off the rind and into small pieces.  Avoid using a melon with lots of seeds for very small ducklings.  As soon as they have reached the juvenile stage in growth development all ducks can eat the watermelon with the seeds.  Watermelon is a perfect duck snack.