AMES 2826900 6-Tine Forged Manure Fork


The 6 tine manure fork serves as an excellent pitchfork when needing to move a lot of different materials.  It works great for backyard poultry bedding whether cleaning out straw or woodchips this fork will move large amounts in a single scoop.  This pitchfork should not be used as a garden fork to work in the soil at all, but load wheelbarrow load after wheelbarrow load of material.  The Ames 6 Tine Forged Manure Fork is made in the USA and comes with a strong hardwood handle that is far superior to other materials.

  • 6-Tine forged head tempered for years of service
  • Hardwood handle for strength and durability
  • Oversized cushion grip for comfort
  • Made in USA


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