Large Kill Cone by Rite Farm Products for Turkey & Geese Processing


This Rite Farm Products large restraining killing cone for poultry is excellent for processing big birds like turkeys up to 18 pounds and small to medium sized Geese.  A small cone can be difficult to use when raising larger-sized breeds of meat birds.  This cone is designed to make killing easy by properly restraining the bird and exposing the head and neck to allow for proper bleeding after a clean kill.

Rite Farms Large Kill Cone

  • Large Processing Cone – Measures 18 inches long and 11 inches wide at the top.
  • Makes Processing Birds, Fast, Clean, & Easy.
  • Heavy Gauge Galvanized Steel.  The edges of cones have been hemmed for safety
  • Direct from the manufacturer via amazon.
  • Made with a flat back design, it mounts to a wall or post using 3 points for a secure hold.

This is the premier kill cone for large birds and is easy to clean and made to last.  Ultimately, the use of a quality cone makes that part of the day just a little bit easier.  Do it the right way from the start.

Rite Farm Products is based in Saltillo Texas. They offer a whole line of products for raising chickens, ducks, and other birds.   Their line includes incubators, chicken pluckers and scalders to a full array of supporting products to improve your egg and meat production.

The perfect processing cone for chickens and ducks is the medium-sized version Rite Farms Medium Restraining Kill Cone.

The processing of meat birds is an important element of raising poultry on the backyard farm.   Here is a well-proven method for the humane way to butcher chickens at home if you need to learn or want a refresher guide.


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