Hoss Stirrup Hoe for Weeding

The Hoss stirrup hoe is the premier hand-powered tool for weeding and cultivating small garden plots and around tight spaces.  No matter how tight a space is the stirrup hoe will get the job done without harming the roots of your growing vegetables and plants.  Quickly remove tough weeds and loosen the soil with the best hula hoe on the market.

What is a Stirrup Hoe

The stirrup hoe is a simple hoe designed for cutting weeds right at the base of the weeds.  When tasked with figuring out how to clear a vegetable garden full of weeds you need to pick the right selection of tools and the Stirrup hoe is a perfect place to start.

It has several names alongside stirrup hoe including, scuffle hoe, a hoop hoe, hula hoe, action hoe, oscillating hoe, and pendulum weeder or swivel hoe.

The tool has a double-edged blade that is bent roughly into a rectangle.  This blade is attached to a handle.

This hoe is designed for weeding and lightly cultivating with minimal root disturbance.  The gardener pushes the blade back and forth which cuts the weeds.  Ultimately, the motion loosens the top inch or two of soil.  This tool is not designed for moving large amounts of soil, but it does its designed job well.

The best stirrup hoe

Benefits of Hand Tool Gardening

The use of garden hand tools is often all a backyard urban homesteader can use.  Therefore, it is critical to use the best tools possible for the job.  A quality tool that is made for working while standing upright.  The scuffle hoe saves your back from crouching down.  The Hoss line of tools is designed to keep you from bending over.  The stirrup hoe and the wheel hoe both are excellent options for home gardeners to consider.

  • Lower costs to purchase than gas-powered tools.
  • Reduced maintenance tasks to keep in working order.
  • No gas bill.
  • Capable of working in tight-to-reach spaces.
  • Perfect for both raised garden beds and traditional in-ground row gardens.
  • Excellent for small plot gardens with non rocky soils.

Which Hoe for Your Garden

Considering a stirrup hoe or a wheel hoe?  First, you are making an excellent decision for your home garden.

Garden wheel hoes are perfect for row gardens.  Many gardeners choose to create long rows directly in the ground.  These beds have the room necessary to work a single or a double wheel hoe down the beds.  The wheel hoe improves the efficiency of working the soil. Compared to the stirrup hoe a wheel hoe will cover more ground with less physical output.

The wheel hoe not only weeds and cultivates, but makes furrows for planting and even plows for chilling crops like potatoes and corn.  As a result, gardeners that have inground beds will get more use out of a wheel hoe than a stirrup hoe.

However, do not think the stirrup hoe doesn’t have places it outshines the wheel hoe.  You can’t use a wheel hoe effectively in raised bed gardens.  Alternatively wheel hoes don’t work well in gardens with lots of interplanting.  The same goes for a food forest with trees, shrubs, and vegetables planted in guilds.

The hula hoe though excels when weeding and cultivating the soil in flower beds. As well as, working the tool close to sheds and paths in the gardens.

These are all areas where the stirrup hoe shines.  For these reasons you will see many gardeners have both tools in their garden shed.

Wheel Hoe Alternatives

Check out our reviews of the best wheel hoe on the market.  Of course, it is the Hoss tools option.  Either in single or double wheel hoe this tool is amazing.

Features of the Hoss Stirrup Hoe

The easiest tool for weeding and cultivating in raised garden beds

  • A 6″ blade that oscillates at 20 degrees.
  • Cutting power in both directions forward and backward.
  • Powder-coated steel frame and spring steel blade
  • A 60″ Ash handle
  • Made in the USA

Perfect for removing the most stubborn of weeds. While capable of lightly cultivating the soil.