Fiskars 751210-1002 Garden IsoCore 5 lb Pick, 36 Inch, Orange/Black


The mattock is excellent for breaking ground and dealing with heavy or rocky soil.  With two strong pointy options, this mattock will help you break up the toughest of soil.  We have several in-ground garden beds that get worked over in the springtime with the mattock to bury in the cover crop and get the beds ready for the rest of the prep work.


  • 36 inches in length and with a solid 5lb pick.
  • Ideal for breaking up rocky surfaces such as gravel and hardened, dried earth (pointed end), or for use as a hoe when digging in tough soil (flat end)
  • Patented IsoCore Shock Control System absorbs strike shock and vibration to reduce the punishment your body takes, transferring 2X less shock and vibration than wood handles
  • Insulation sleeve captures initial strike shock before it can reach your hand
  • Dual-layer handle features a specially formulated combination of insulating materials to dampen lingering vibration


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