Rogue Hoe Field Hoe with 8-1/2” Curved Head, 40” Curved Hickory Handle


The Rogue Hoe Field hoe is a rugged hand tool designed for getting tough jobs done right.  The curved hickory handle gives you the comfort to swing all day and the strong welded ferrule at the head gives you the confidence to work any ground.  This hoe is exceptionally large with an 8 1/2″ head you can quickly clear brush, dig swales and trenches, and quickly work over in ground garden beds.

Benefits of the Rogue Hoe Field Hoe

  • Perfect for clearing fire lines
  • Cuts trees up to 1˝ diameter
  • Welded ferrule
  • Rivet, adhesive, and pressure fit secure the handle

Why Rogue Hoe Tools

If you are unfamiliar with the line of tools from Rogue Hoe you should check them out.  They have a complete line of different tools for all kinds of work.  These tools are built for trail builders, firefighters, farmers, and serious backyard gardeners.  They are a family-owned business located in the Missouri Ozarks.  Every tool is handcrafted and made in America from recycled agricultural disc blades.  They are made from a high-grade tempered steel and are capable of holding an edge.


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